Data Scientist/Statistician


California State University-Long Beach
M.S Applied Statistic (2017)
California State University-Fullerton
Post-Baccalaureate Statistic (2015)
University of California San Diego
Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences (2008)

Member Since January 7, 2015

SAS programming

Using SAS program to generate required outputs


Classification method

Human census shows that people in different countries have different expected lifetime. In this paper...


Data Reduction for Crime dataset

In the US Crime dataset provided by Hardle and Hlavka contains 12 variables for 50 states that have...


The factors of a good basketball shot

The purpose of this experiment is to explore the three factors that might lead to making the shot: drink...


Predicting mortality rate in 1969

This project examines the relationship between the different factors such as environment and economy...