Formative Assessment Quiz
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Formative Assessment Quiz

Formative Assessment Quiz


Published: June 14, 2017 0 0 174
By: Michaela Josette Robison, University of California San Diego
Category: Linguistics
Hashtags: #elaborativefeedback #formativequiz #InstructionalDesign #Linguistics #onlineeducation

Because this project was created on a platform that requires a login, multiple screenshots and documents are provided. The goal of the project was to "...create an online quiz (5 or more questions) designed to support learning -- directly, on it's own, and immediately." This quiz was created on two platforms - Moodle and TED - but was submitted on the Moodle platform. Therefore, more screenshots are provided for this. This project utilizes the best practices in quiz question design and in elaborative feedback, as described in the rubric provided. Additionally, an instructor guide is included to outline each question.


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