Training: Evaluating English Learners
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Training: Evaluating English Learners

Training: Evaluating English Learners


Published: September 10, 2015 2 0 523
By: Sofia Lische, San Diego State University
Category: Psychology
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"Difference vs. Disorder: Evidence-based Practice in Evaluation of SLD with English Learners via a Processing Strengths and Weaknesses Approach." -Dr. Samuel O. Ortiz

Learning from the biggest name in the game - Dr. Ortiz is BRILLIANT! The training lasted 7 hours, and Dr. Ortiz comprehensively covered:

1. Current research/theory surrounding assessment of English Language Learners (an explanation for their overrepresentation in special education);
2. How to administer and interpret a cross-battery assessment on culturally and linguistically diverse students.

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