Social Therapies for MNS Deficits in ASD
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Social Therapies for MNS Deficits in ASD

Social Therapies for MNS Deficits in ASD


Published: June 14, 2017 0 0 397
By: Henry Rui Ding, University of California San Diego
Category: Cognitive Science

We are going to talk about the effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on the Mirror Neuron System in developing children/ the aspects of children's social cognition. Due to the deficits of Mirror Neuron System, children with Autism can hardly interpret and understand other’s emotion. Most of the disorders that show trouble with mirroring are disorders with mainly social deficits. We will cover four types of therapies in our presentation: music, acting, robot interaction, and animal therapy. We will talk about how these therapies can be integrated in the future.


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