Sketchbook: Story Sketch #2 - Photo Project
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Sketchbook: Story Sketch #2 - Photo Project

Sketchbook: Story Sketch #2 - Photo Project


Published: June 14, 2017 0 0 383
By: Henry Rui Ding, University of California San Diego
Category: Photography
Hashtags: #cat_125_2017_spring

Where has the day gone? What did I spend all my time doing? These are some of the questions I find asking myself sometimes. I believe that a person is defined by their actions and what they choose to spend their time doing interacting with the world around them. This photoseries was inspired by my life of living on my own as a college student who studies at UCSD and is an expression of my weekly activities through photos.

I chose to work with the mediums of my cellphone camera and my iPad camera because they are objects that are used daily. Modern college students always has such technologies at their fingertips, which I thought would be a perfect way to capture frequent activities with for these photos. However, solely using a cellphone and iPad posed some challenges, especially with the nature of my photoseries. Most of them provide a first person view of everyday activities but all of them include my hands as the only depiction of myself. Taking pictures employing only the handheld technologies of my cellphone and iPad was a challenge because I chose not to use anything like a tripod or even a selfie stick, especially at certain angles and even more so when capturing both hands doing something. I would hope that a viewer would stop and think about how I went about taking some of them and imagine me using whatever I had laying around and building a set in order to capture scenes at certain perspectives including without either hand as they as in the shot.

I wanted viewers to take a step into my life and infer what I might be thinking or feeling in each photo without the rest of my body in view and thus not seeing my face. The audience of this photoseries will hopefully learn about my life and some of the problems I face as not only just a college student but also as a unique individual.


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