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ABA Interventionist

ABA Interventionist


Published: July 28, 2015 6 0 626
By: Sofia Lische, San Diego State University
Category: Psychology

As a BACB-approved RBT, I work 1:1 with some of the most inspiring and adorable clients in the world! :) Primarily, I am responsible for the direct implementation of skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans (using ABA techniques). As an RBT, I'm also responsible for collecting data and conducting certain types of assessments (such as stimulus preference assessments).

I'm very excited about this new opportunity, as I know that working in the field of ABA will only expand my resources and strengthen my skills as a (future) school psychologist! I'm also considering pursuing a BCBA credential, and I know this is the first step in the (very long!) process. :)

To earn my RBT credential, I underwent:

-40 hours of training
-1 interview exam
-1 in-person assessment
-Supervised overlap sessions



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