Project 1 - Formative Feedback Quiz
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Project 1 - Formative Feedback Quiz

Project 1 - Formative Feedback Quiz


Published: December 13, 2017 0 0 319
By: Danielle Jacques, University of California San Diego
Category: Mathematics

First, log on to Triton Ed.
In My Courses, select EDS 114 - Sandbox - Guthals [FA17]
In left menu bar, select Content
then select Danielle's Project 1 (see attached image screenshot).

This is a formative feedback quiz intended for middle or high school students learning trigonometry. Many students do not have a very intuitive understanding of the unit circle or how it relates to trigonometric functions. The purpose of this quiz is to help students understand the spatial relationships and patterns that are the foundation to understanding these concepts.

My other project is a video lesson on the unit circle. This video attempts to provide students with visuals and movement in order to help them develop awareness of the patterns that govern trigonometry.