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Poptikz Popping Club

Poptikz Popping Club

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Published: February 5, 2016 2 0 3.5K
By: Zachary Yuen, University of California - San Diego (UCSD)
Category: Dance
Hashtags: #Dance #Hiphop #popping #Teaching

Poptikz was founded in May of 2011 by a few students who wanted to build a club that focused on the street dance, popping. This club was meant to teach, build, compete, and perform all aspects of popping, and engaging not only UCSD students, but connecting the UCSD Popping Scene to San Diego and the greater Southern California area.

I became treasurer from 2013-2014, and have been President from 2014 -Present. Since my presidency, we've competed in over 10 Jams (tournaments), held our own rising Jam, embraced more of the UCSD Dance Community, and increased club membership.
Our club has competed in jams all over San Diego, in the Bay Area, and in Tijuana, We continue to compete in tournaments several times of year, entering jams such as the Wild 7s, Home, Sopitas Von Huevos, Sound Split, DP, and more. Through jams, we hope to make new friends and expand our community of popping, while also competing against some of the best and upcoming poppers. These jams are a way for us to show off all the hard work that we put in during practice.

Our own jam, Sound Split, is on it's fourth year in existence, and has only gotten bigger with time. We have tripled our attendance size over the last two years, and have expanded our budget more than 150% to accommodate the growing fame. We use internationally recognized DJs and Judges, and are proud to continually host a high-quality popping jam for San Diego. These popping only jams are growing increasingly rare, so we are incredibly happy to provide a popping only jam for our community. We continue to pull talent from all over Southern California and Nevada.

Starting in 2015, we have made a much larger effort to reach out to our own campus' dance community. We hold private and workshops for all those who visit our club, and are beginning to host for other non-popping dance organizations across our campus. With over 10 difference dance organizations on campus, we hope to provide foundation popping moves to help build interest and skill in popping among our UCSD peers.

Poptikz, while a smaller organization, provides a unique hobby for those who want to learn to dance and pursue the movements we call popping. It enables us to connect with dancers all over California, and to express ourselves in an artistic manner. The tightness of our group, as well as our common interest in growing in popping, has knit us together, and while we continue to grow, we look to compete to set bench marks for ourselves and to find inspiration to continue doing this dance.Dance Counts Performance


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