Comparative Cognition Lab: The Invisible Wall
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Comparative Cognition Lab: The Invisible Wall

Comparative Cognition Lab: The Invisible Wall


Published: June 7, 2017 0 0 574
By: Fernando Cortez, University of California San Diego
Category: Cognitive Science
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*In progress* Folder containing literature views, meeting minutes, piloted videos, and accumulated data for "Invisible Wall Study". This is a collaborative project consisting of (currently) 6 to 7 lab members. I am the current lead research assistant in this ongoing project.

For this study, we are recording public spaces in which two experimenters stand at some distance from each other and interact according to different combinations of variable choices for a two minute time interval. To collect enough data, we would repeat the same conditions multiple times depending on the traffic flow in the location. We are using a Polaroid Cube to record the space that the experimenters are set up in and the interactions passerby have with the Invisible Wall. We are attempting to use various open public spaces. While corner spaces and narrow spaces may be used in the future, as of yet we have been using location at least 15 ft abreast. These locations are large enough to enable passersby to have a valid choice between breaking a wall created by a distance of 10 feet and diverging behind either experimenter.Draft Protocol

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  • Bianca Monique Wilson
  • Paulina Lee
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  • Robert Ball
  • Tori Buss