Matrix Multiplication
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Matrix Multiplication

Matrix Multiplication

  • basic set-up
  • step by step example
  • understanding matrix dimensions
  • practice: multiplying
  • practice: can they be multiplied?


Published: March 21, 2017 0 0 512
By: Kayla Nunez, University of California San Diego
Category: Mathematics
Hashtags: #appliedmathematics #eds114 #LinearAlgebra #Math #Mathematics #matrices #matrix #matrixmultiplication #onlinelearning #onlinelesson

This is an online lesson created using Camtasia. This video was designed while keeping in mind the best online teaching practices. The slides have little text, which reduces cognitive load. We want more images, not so much text. There are also cues so if the student were just scrolling through the video, they could easily find what they are looking for. Everything is color coded to see how it all ties together. The review and practice problems at the end with really help the student learn.