SAMPE Composite Bridge Competition
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SAMPE Composite Bridge Competition

SAMPE Composite Bridge Competition


Published: June 21, 2019 0 0 128
By: Clement To, University of California-San Diego
Category: Civil/Structural Engineering

UCSD SAMPE Competition - High-Performance Composite Bridge
• Combined experience with composite materials and structural analysis to design composite bridge made from woven-carbon/epoxy wet lay-up and high-performance foam.
• Used analytical and computer-aided design methods to determine optimal design for strength to weight performance, while considering the strengths and limitations of composite materials.
• Designed cutting plan to minimize waste of carbon material.
• Designed manufacturing plan to ensure high-quality fabrication, as well as ensured the manufacturing process was completed in an orderly and timely manner to meet deadlines.
• Final design earned a top finish, achieving an ultimate strength of 20,000 lbf., while only weighing 10.3 lbs.


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