Flyer I created for Cognitive Design Studio
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Flyer I created for Cognitive Design Studio

Flyer I created for Cognitive Design Studio

  • Flyer created for Cognitive Design class


Published: July 19, 2016 0 0 342
By: Heidi Schmidt, University of California San Diego
Category: Psychology

During my last quarter at UCSD, I took a class entitled Cognitive Design Studio. For this class I chose to design a project centered around mental health and increasing awareness of psychological issues and possible help for those who are suffering from such issues. After weeks of research, in-person interviews, several iterations of prototypes, feedback from classmates, and more research, I settled on this design. Although my group did not choose to use my design in our final product, I was very proud of the product I created because it was primarily based on feedback from UCSD students including many that had dealt with mental health issues (my target audience). My professor and colleagues commended my design and encouraged me to contact UCSD's Counseling and Psychological Services to see if the university would be interested in using my design.