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Fernando Teaching - Google Drive

Fernando Teaching - Google Drive

  • Social Dancing at an event called Salsa On the Beach
  • Choreographing 4 dancing couples to perform in front of class
  • Recording a Dance lesson with one of the newer dance instructors


Published: June 7, 2017 0 0 544
By: Fernando Cortez, University of California San Diego
Category: Dance
Hashtags: #Choreography #Collaboration #Dance #Teaching

Past Videos of various dance lessons I have created as part of a lead instructor at Salsa Society at UCSD

All videos are recorded by our own board members and all choreography is made by instructors. Our job as lead instructors is to teach those students that are interested in being part of the board, help them get to a dancing level where they are able to teach and explain dance combinations without the assistance of the lead instructor. Ultimately, the goal is to have Salsa Society be a self, student run organization that will be running for years to comeFernando Teaching

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