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Published: March 21, 2018 0 0 274
By: Sim Singh, University of California San Diego
Category: Photography
Hashtags: #Falling #googlecalendar #Photo #Photograph #Photography #Photoshop #scream #Work

This entire quarter I’ve felt as if I was being pulled and dragged from one space into another – all of it dictated by my Google Calendar. From my job to rehearsals to my other job, I barely ever have the time to just stop and breathe during the day. The only time and place I’ve found comfort is during dinner in my kitchen with my friends, Mo and Vanessa.

With this photo project I tried to capture how I felt. I start off during dinner, but even then my laptop is in front of me, errors filling the screen at times – because I was actually working on a coding assignment I needed to finish before dinner ended. Then the photos take on the theme of falling, inspired in part by Bas Jan Ader, and the reactions of those I’m around turned out to be the most interesting part of the project. The difference between trying to take a photo of myself falling while at work versus during rehearsals with the cast of my play was astonishing. I was mostly ignored at work, and the entire situation was uncomfortable and awkward. But at rehearsal, I felt so supported by the cast, and touched by their worry for me that I let them catch me – a picture I hadn’t planned.

The project ends with me disappearing from the kitchen, Mo is left alone as Vanessa disappears from the next snapshot, and the final image is me in bed with clothes of my different identities strewn across my bed and across the wall. The idea going into this image was shedding the uniforms in a fury, and the irony is that I had to get up after taking the picture and start editing.

I also incorporated overlaying my google calendar event onto the picture, which was a technique I borrowed from my original project in which I used an overlay of what my suitemate was listening to in order to create a deeper connection with him and the viewer.