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Digital Media Storytelling Project + Portfolio

Digital Media Storytelling Project + Portfolio


Published: June 8, 2017 0 1 895
By: Henry Rui Ding, University of California San Diego
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Hashtags: #cat_125_2017_spring

The purpose of this Digital Media Storytelling Project (DMSP) is to persuade and motivate people who use various websites, programs, and applications to support and use my app Converge over other alternatives. Converge is an application I would like to design with the goal to allows online groups to be able to interact and connect with each other through the use of a single application. Have you ever been in a voice chat with your friends or family and wanted to watch a YouTube video together or listen to the same song together? Instead of both loading up YouTube in your browser, pausing at 0:00, waiting for the others to do the same, then eventually counting down from 3 to press play, or opening up another window on a website like Watch2Gether or TinyChat, Converge has these functionalities built in. Without the need to open multiple windows or download other applications. Converge lets groups do things together in a single application.

My name is Henry Ding and I’m a UCSD student who frequently connects with family that lives hours away, friends who have gone to different cities, and classmates who only have time to interact online. I’ve used many different things in the past to do so: Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Oovoo, TinyChat, Raidcall, the list goes on and on. Many times, it was very frustrating moving back and forth between them to be able to do the things we wanted or needed to do together as it would always take time switching to another window, downloading another program, syncing up our media, etc. With the development of Converge, I hope to solve these problems and provide its users with convenience and more precious time with their friends and family when spending time together online.

Included are some mock-up images for my vision of what the app can look like. Through the use of Adobe Xd, I’ve created these conceptual renderings and have a link that let’s you interact somewhat with the software, allowing you to click through the tabs at the top of the application and the menus located at the top left and bottom of the application.
DMSP - Converge (Henry Ding)