Composite Folding UAV Wing
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Composite Folding UAV Wing

Composite Folding UAV Wing


Published: June 21, 2019 0 0 45
By: Clement To,
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Folding Composite UAV Wing
• Led team to design and manufacture wing upgrade for K-2 Aeronautical Systems long-range surveillance drone. Upgraded wing made of prepreg carbon fiber with an aluminum hinge and lock mechanism.
• Involved within full design and fabrication process:
• Analyzed stresses on wing from aerodynamic loads to ensure adequate margins of safety.
• Performed buckling and natural frequency analysis to ensure acceptable mode of failure.
• Executed detailed stress analysis using finite element analysis and hand calculations.
• Ensured tight tolerancing and high-quality fabrication through use of creative tooling.
• Presented design and demos to professors, teaching assistants, and industry professionals regarding mission concept, preliminary design, critical design, manufacturing readiness, test readiness and system acceptance reviews.
• Final design featured a larger aspect ratio for improved flight time, reduced weight via composite ply drop-offs in spars and wing skins, and minimized drone footprint on aircraft carriers by implementing ability to fold wings.


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