Chem Atomic Model Project
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Chem Atomic Model Project

Chem Atomic Model Project

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Published: June 2, 2015 0 0 254
By: Suriyaan Hussein, The Preuss School at UCSD
Category: Chemistry
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I and my partner bereket did the chemistry atomic model. To show our understanding the material of making chemical bonds. As well as having a Lewis diagram. We had to make a diagram of our model as well as made it with class and sticks. The balls showing the molecules and the sticks showing the bonds. It was an easy assignment and our grade was an A-. The first ICLEAR, collaboration. The project was a partner project and we needed to have commination. I and my partner didn’t have same advisory’s class so talking to each other was key. I learned better commination skills and I am better doing projects. The second ICLEAR I choose was research. We couldn’t just go in and try to work on a project id didn’t understand. We had to look for the right amount of information. I learned thought research how to do Louis diagram. The last ICLEAR I choose was linking. I link this information to my broche and write it down. So it links to English. We needed a good broche and that’s what I did once I made the model.