CAT 125 -  Digital Media Storytelling Project
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CAT 125 - Digital Media Storytelling Project

CAT 125 - Digital Media Storytelling Project


Published: December 12, 2018 1 0 408
By: Sylvia Sarabia, University of California San Diego
Category: Business
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My Digital Media Storytelling Project is for my Culture, Art, and Technology Class (CAT 125) at UCSD.

Through this project, I wanted to first explore and express my creativity. I decided to finally purchase Adobe Creative Cloud to take the next step towards learning to use creative online software. Through this project, I got to experiment with some very cool applications online. I mainly learned how to use Adobe Spark as well as Adobe Lightroom. I learned how to use Adobe Spark to create my website! Through this fun learning experience, I have gained creative and useful skills and plan to use Adobe Spark more in the future, and create even more web pages!

My second intention was to create something that I am able to showcase for - especially in the realm of professionalism, as I am currently a graduating Senior in college. I further proceeded to create a online website showcasing my professional biography. This site allows for me to express my background. My personal background and my educational and professional background and experiences. It showcases my skills, classes that I have taken, organizations that I have been involved in, work experience and gives the audience a better idea of who I am and what I can bring to the table.

My target audience is my future employers. I want this site to be a resource for my future employers to view - so that they can know who I am in a more personal way. This site includes photos, visuals, and a more interactive and personal way to get to know me. It is not just a standard piece of paper - a boring resume that everybody has. Instead, this can be a more visual appealing approach of interacting with my audience.

I hope that this site can be used to benefit my future opportunities. I plan to continue to update this page, as I further my education, work experiences, and personal experiences. I am actually pretty happy with my end result. I am very excited to share my own page with the world.


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