Our Future Energy: Biofuels
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Our Future Energy: Biofuels

Our Future Energy: Biofuels


Published: March 5, 2016 2 0 336
By: Cynthia Wong, University of California San Diego
Category: Chemistry
Hashtags: #biodiesel #biofuels #Chemistry #greenchemistry #Research

I designed a poster, along with my lab partner, that took a stance on biofuels through the data collect in our ecotoxicity assay, calorimetry analysis and our research on indirect emissions. We synthesized biodiesel from pure soybean oil through transesterification and yielded around 20mL of biodiesel. From that we determine the heat of combustion and the energy density of that fuel through a calibrated calorimeter. We also set up a ecotoxicity assay using different concentration of ethanol and radish seeds. We then compared in to the ecotoxicity assays of biodiesel, 2-butanol and methanol to determine their impact on the radish seeds and the environment. We concluded that biodiesel is a viable alternative energy source compared to ethanol because not only is it less toxic in the environment and has a high energy density, it contributed less to the greenhouse gas emissions. My partner and I presented our findings in a Biofuels Symposium in front of our colleagues and professor.


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