A Potential Sound Absorbing Metamaterial
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A Potential Sound Absorbing Metamaterial

A Potential Sound Absorbing Metamaterial


Published: June 29, 2019 3 0 282
By: Michael Garrison, University of California San Diego
Category: Engineering
Hashtags: #Design #Engineering #MaterialScience #Teamwork

Here we demonstrate improved sound absorption over glass fiber via nature inspired moth wing micro lattice structure using interference pattern-assisted lithography. The device structure suggested here shows an increase in the absorbance of frequencies ranging from 100Hz - 2.5kHz, and a sound absorption coefficient approaching 1.0. The 100Hz - 2.5kHz range is an industry standard, and used to measure other sound absorbing materials. The proposed lattice microstructure is optimized to absorb this average of the human hearing range. From simulation, and experimental results it is found that the optimal pore radius lies at 90µm with a porosity of >56%. (Xiaobing Cai and Jun Yanga, 2014) This represents an ordered structure with pore diameter of 180µm, approximately the width of a human hair, and with a porosity of around 56%-57%. (Xiaobing Cai and Jun Yanga, 2014) We believe this structure can be created using interference pattern lithography and offer a novel solution to overcome UV wave attenuation, thereby increasing the overall possible thickness of the material.


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